The First HWA Las Vegas Chapter Meeting of 2019 was a Success!

It was a lot of fun! This is the first time we’ve met at Copper Cat Books (which is a venue we adore, run by an absolutely stellar couple) and also the first time we had more than five people. Usually we grabbed a table at Count’s Vamp’d, which is a very cool Rock and Roll bar with live music. It was ideal for hanging with friends out on the town, but not for discussing literature because we were screaming over the music. This was also our first time with the quarterly meeting schedule instead of monthly, and I think that was a positive change, as well.

We were a bit more formal than usual, usually because at least half of the group previously was drinking before the meeting even began, and there were moments when I think the new group expected there to be a leader presenting instead of equal conversation, but it was a warm an friendly environment. We discussed market submissions, our projects, benefits of being an HWA member, different writer’s groups, and our favorite podcasts.

We had a LOT of favorite podcasts.

Thank you for the enjoyable evening, and we hope to see you again in March!

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