Miss Murder’s Hand-Sewn Blankets

Some of you may know that I adore sewing blankets. I love the feel of the fabric beneath my fingers. I love the colors. I love laying the pieces out and choosing where they go. The hum of the machine is so soothing to me. So much love and care goes into each and every blanket.



One of the Kickstarter rewards for the Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy is (among many other things!) a hand-sewn blanket by yours truly. The blankets will be about 45″ by 50” in 6×7 rows of 10” squares. That’s big enough to fit comfortably on a twin-sized bed but not to drape over the sides. My most popular are by far the skully blankets, but I also have bright, cheery fabrics for spring and summer, as well as Halloween and Christmas. These throws are perfect for curling up and reading, and there’s something for everyone.


Each one will be made with care and you can give me an idea of your fabric color and preference. Prefer reds? Something floral? Something dark and mysterious? Themed for the holidays? Do you wish for a Mercedes M. Yardley surprise? Know that each blanket will be made by hand especially for you and only after customer input. I’ll most likely be listening to something dark and delicious while I sew, and will be humming happily. Love and good wishes (and the happiest of curses!) will be sewn into each and every stitch.



I made my dad a quilt out of his old Hawaiian shirts! These are such a snuggly size.

Also included with the blankets are:

•All project updates
•An inked drawing of your choosing by Orion
•A signed jumbo size postcard featuring PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS
•A pencil sketch of your choosing by Orion
•A signed print copy of a PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS 100 page graphic novel volume 1
•Digital PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS graphic novel volume 1
•A physical decorative thank you letter with a pencil sketch by Orion on it

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support! I would dearly love to sew something for you as a reward for helping Orion and I achieve our dream of creating this exciting graphic novel! You are so appreciated! <3
To read more about PLDG and the PLDG Graphic Novel, you can visit our Kickstarter here. 

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