Quilt/Art Price Drop! And Great PLDG Graphic Novel News!

Oh my goodness! I hope you had a wonderful Easter and spent time doing something you loved. We’ve been rocking and rolling with the Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy Kickstarter, and I wanted to give you a quick update!

First of all, we’ve dropped prices on some of the bigger rewards so they can be more accessible. You are all so enthusiastic and generous, and we want to be able to give back. You’ll see that the tiers for my handmade quilts, watercolors, and Orion’s hand-inked drawings have dropped dramatically in price. You can have a beautiful hand-inked drawing from Orion for $60, your choice of one of my original watercolors for $100, and the quilts are now going for $130. This, of course, includes the rest of the rewards that come with that individual tier, such as

All project updates
• E-card
•An inked drawing of your choosing by Orion
•A signed jumbo size postcard featuring PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS
•A pencil sketch of your choosing by Orion
•A signed print copy of a PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS 100 page graphic novel volume 1
•Digital PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS graphic novel volume 1
•A physical decorative thank you letter with a pencil sketch by Orion on it

Also, I’m delighted to announce that Kickstarter has chosen Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy as A Project We Love! This is so exciting! They’ve created a cool little badge and banner for us, and it will hopefully help get more eyes on the project. What a wonderful thing to wake up to!

We are also 46% funded! We’ve reached $2,977 in less than a week! It will take $23 dollars to get us to $3000. Would you please continue to share and help get the word out? Thank you so much for all that you do!

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