I’m delighted to announce the very first story chosen for the Arterial Bloom anthology by Crystal Lake Publishing!

The rest of the authors will be announced in random order, but this story stole my breath away and I wanted it to go first.  Author Linda J. Marshall wrote a very sensual, dark piece with its own slow rhythm, and I knew I wanted it immediately. I can’t wait to introduce you to her tale titled “Kudzu Stories.”


“It’s that old alligator. It goes boom all night long. It thinks it’s singing.”

-“Kudzu Stories” by Linda J. Marshall.

Linda J. Marshall lived in a van beside the Colorado River in Utah where she kept company with a carp named SuckPop.  Later, she lived in the Mississippi Delta where she met many of the great, old Blues Musicians. Teeming with stories, she’s writing them in Oklahoma, where her son thinks his wandering mom is kind of cool.

Arterial Bloom: An Anthology of Horror will release in early 2020. Cover will be coming soon.

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