Matt Betts and I Talk about Carson of Venus and Arterial Bloom! In Pictures.

So most of you know that author Matt Betts is my literary nemesis. We’ve been stalking each other for years, trying to trip each other up and drag each other down. We almost did a podcast together. I sent him a pair of Godzilla slippers. He and his family sent us face masks a few years ago when we had black mold in the house. We have matching robot bandanas. You know. The hateful things typical Nemesi do.

Matt had done the coolest thing in the world: he picked up where Edgar Rice Burroughs left off and wrote Carson of Venus! It’s the first novel in the Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe series! And that is AWESOME. So Matt dropped this amazing book linked to one of the most beloved authors in the universe, and I dropped the gorgeous Arterial Bloom anthology. We couldn’t wait to do a live interview and call each other names in front of an audience.

Only we had technical difficulties, surprise, surprise. So we ran the interview in picture form. Enjoy. You can pick up Carson of Venus here and Arterial Bloom here.

 Me: Matt Betts! This is our unlive live chat! Hi!

Matt: Stupid technology and all the young whipper snappers!

Me: We’re having technical difficulties. Boo. But I want to celebrate your neeeeew book!

Matt: I don’t know how stuff works! But we’re trying! Tell me how you got involved with Arterial Bloom! Was it an idea you had or so one else?

Me: Well, I was originally brought on to co-edit a different anthology, but the fates intervened and now Arterial Bloom is my baby! I was allowed to shape her.

Me: Tell me why I should buy your super special awesome book because I don’t know you from Adam.

Matt: Carson of Venus was so much fun to write. It involves characters that were created by pulp master Edgar Rice Burroughs. The book launches a whole new series continuing his work with new authors! It’s a really fun escapist adventure. I think it’s not too heavy scifi, not too heavy fantasy. Readers new to Burroughs can catch up pretty quickly as they go.

Matt: And Arterial Bloom! Toughest part about editing an anthology, Mercedes?

Me: I love her. She’s so pretty. The stories and cover art are amazing.

Me: But the toughest part? Being a first-time editor dropped into the fire. There is so much cool stuff that goes on. I’ve worked several times with a team but never by myself. But I’m really proud of her!

Matt: What’s next, Mercedes?

Me: What’s next? World domination, of course!


Matt: Same thing we do every night!

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview as much as we did. Matt and his work are truly something special. Congratulations to him on becoming part of the Edgar Rice Burroughs family!

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