Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy August Update!

Hello, my friends! How are you doing in this strange new world we currently live in? We hope you are healthy and well. Orion has been hard at work doing tier reward commissions as well as the graphic novel pages, and I’m so excited to show you his work! He’ll be contacting each backer individually to show you your commissions, but gave me permission to share some here.

Orion is so talented and I’m in awe of the beautiful art he creates. Thank you, my friend! You make the world a better place.

I will have the rest of my rewards out by the next update. Thank you for your support and patience. This is such a joyful project, and I hope that it gives you some happiness as well!

Due to Covid and the fact that the world basically stopped spinning for a while, (and hasn’t really started back up yet), we’re looking at publishing Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy at the end of the year instead of October. We want to give you the very best product we can, and Covid-19 kind of threw a wrench into the works. We hope you understand, and look forward to receiving your copy soon! We appreciate you so much!


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