January 2021 Update on the Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel!

Hello, friends! I hope the new year is treating you beautifully so far! I’m delighted to share a new page that Orion has created. Isn’t this beautiful? Doesn’t it take your breath away? I told Orion that I was never in love with Teddy Baker, but now… There’s something so sweet about your first kiss. Of course, we’ll discuss what Teddy’s intentions may or may not be a bit later.
It’s so cool to hear what Orion is up to. “I’m working on the grey tones” or “I’m refining the backgrounds” or “I’m focusing on the bits of color.” All I can say is that this project is so exceptionally lovely. It truly moves me to see him lay out such beauty onto the page. I genuinely feel like this is one of the most meaningful projects I’ve ever worked on, and I can’t wait to hold the complete book in my hands!
We want to remind you that when we reach the first 25 page of the graphic novel, we’ll email it to you. You will receive each quarterly installment as they’re created. We hope you’re looking forward to it!
The very last of the rewards will ship out on Wednesday. I’ll be double-checking everyone’s addresses to make sure that they go to their correct homes. Here’s a sneak peek of one of the watercolors.
Thank you so much for making this possible. I hope the Star Girl and friends gives you something to look forward to.
With love,

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