March’s Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel Update!

Hello, our darlings! We hope you are enjoying the arrival of spring. This morning I sat on my front porch and watched a hummingbird flit around the lavender. It was a thing of beauty.
Orion is showing me the most beautiful pieces! I’d like to share two with you. The first is Eddie’s guitar surrounded by stars and flowers. It makes me so happy! Look at the movement in the greenery!
The second is a scene of the murderous desert itself. I showed Orion a picture of where I grew up, which was the inspiration. He captured it so beautifully. It feels like home. I spent so much time out there! There was nothing like coming home covered in fine sand.
Orion is making wonderful progress with the art! He shared that he’s actually working out of sequence and completing some of the easier scenes first so he can spend more time on the more detailed ones. I love seeing what he is doing! I could (and do) look at these stars forever.
Thank you so much for your love and support! You deserve all of the best things, and we hope to bring it to you.
With love,

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    1. Lavender is one of my favorite flowers in the whole world. I want to see the lavender fields of Provence some day.

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