The May Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel Update!

Hello, dear friends! We’re delighted to update you on the Pretty Little Dead Girls graphic novel. Orion has been sending panels daily and they are just gorgeous. I’d love to share a picture of our sarcastic, guitar-playing Eddie Warshouski. I adore him and the wry expression he wears.

Eddie Warshouski hates you and everything you stand for.

Eddie Warshouski hates you and everything you stand for.
If you haven’t read the original Pretty Little Dead Girls novel, you’ll be unfamiliar with Eddie. When we meet him, he doesn’t love anything in the world except his guitar, Jasmine. It shows, Eddie. It shows. He does, however, enjoy the scent of jonquils, not that he would ever let you know.
I’d also like to share a picture that literally took my breath away! It’s part of a larger panel that is full of starshine and planets. It made me a little homesick.
This drawing is based on a picture that my friend Nicole took. She gave us permission to use it for the graphic novel, and I’m so grateful to her. I’m also thrilled that Orion could recreate it in such an otherworldly way. Also, this heavily detailed picture is just one small part of a larger panel! I’m awed by the time and intensity he’s putting into this. Thank you, Orion!
We’re having daily conversations about the graphic novel, the work being done currently, and plans for the future. We hope to bring you something dark and whimsical and full of joy! Thank you all so much for your support. I can’t wait until we can all read it together!

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