September’s PLDG Graphic Novel Update!

Hello, dear friends! I hear that part of the country is sliding into autumn. Las Vegas doesn’t believe in autumn, but leaps directly from a horrific summer to winter. I hope you’re enjoying your beautiful time of year.

Orion’s focus this month has been on Bryony and her very dear Eddie. I quite literally gasped when Orion shared a small snippet of this picture. I’m not going to be as cruel as he was, and I’ll share the entire thing so you can see it all at once. It’s so beautifully and intricately drawn. The details in the flowers astound me. Also, take your time and zoom in to study every single fiber that makes up Eddie’s beanie. I wish I could express how joyous these panels make me!

Me: Eddie has a hole in his beanie!

Orion: You actually saw that?

Me: *won’t admit how much time she spends happily poring over the artwork*

First Kiss

Orion has already explained how this will look when it’s inked, and I’m looking forward to seeing it. I hope you love it as much as we love YOU. You made this possible and thank you for bringing a thing of beauty and magic into the world. We’re forever grateful.

Eternally yours,


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