Happy Halloween! October’s Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel Update.

Happy Halloween, my dear friends! I hope you’re all engaging in wonderful festivities and celebrating however makes you happiest. We dressed up as orange narwhals, rainbows, and a pair of pants, and gave out Halloween pinwheels and kaleidoscopes. It’s one of our very favorite times of year.
Orion thrilled me with his amazing art! We’re closing in on the homestretch. He originally did some of the simpler panels first (although I’m sure we can agree nothing is simple in this beautiful graphic novel) and is now working on the most complex and fully-colored pieces. Like this one:

Eddie plays a song Rife With Meaning

Eddie plays a song Rife With Meaning
I love this. I love Eddie’s rolled up jeans, his red hair, and the fact that he’s singing. He manages to look both sarcastic and sad at the same time. What is he contemplating at this moment? If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that it’s a certain star girl, lots of flowers, and a casket built for two. 
Orion filled Eddie’s picture frames with some of his favorite bands. Can you tell who they might be?
Thank you all for your time, support, and love. I adore chatting about this project with you, and the enthusiasm we’ve received fills me with joy. We hope this will be something you can truly treasure.
With love, 

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