March PLDG Graphic Novel Update!

Hello, friends! It’s so good to see you! Here is our March update to catch you up on Orion’s glorious progress. He’s working hard and sending the most breathtaking panels to my inbox. Literally, I catch my breath when I see them. This piece of art is special, capturing a particularly brutal moment, and Orion wanted to share that he had a certain song on loop while he worked on this sequence.
Orion drew this while listening to Meant to Be by Ber, Charlie Oriain. You can listen to the song here. What a beautiful, melodic kick in the teeth. I love it! It’s also very cool to see Orion’s process and have him say, “Here’s what I listened to while working on this. Here’s something that inspired me.” He’s introduced me to so many great music groups.
Also, the cover will be cropped for the actual graphic novel, so no worries about copyright issues. <3
Thank you for your support and patience! I’m so proud of the progress and detail in each and every panel. We’re creating something memorable that will last forever, and your kindness and enthusiasm made it possible. We adore you!

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