The Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel May Update!

That title is such a mouthful. Say “The Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel May Update” ten times fast. Dear friends! Progress is coming along beautifully. Orion wants to pass along that we’re just a few short months out from completion. He will be contacting everyone soon to confirm that we have the correct mailing address, and this is your chance to update it if necessarily. I’m so excited! He’s so excited! We hope you’re excited, as well.
We’d like to share this lovely panel, which features a rather askance Eddie. How would you feel if the woman you love says she feels regret?
My favorite detail on this, besides the beautiful starry background, is the shine on Eddie’s glasses. I adore the shading on his hands and the curl in his hair. Every single panel is so beautifully done! I’m in awe.
We are so grateful for you and your support! Your patience and enthusiasm makes our hearts sing. Thank you for allowing us to create something we hope you can treasure.
With love,
Mercedes and Orion

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    1. Hi Charlie! The graphic novel was released to all backers and we’re working on making it accessible to everyone through Amazon.

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