The Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel August Update!

Oh my goodness! I have to start off by saying that we are coming to the end of volume 1! Orion wants to share that, if everything goes to plan, he should be able to finalize the pages in about a month. After that, he will send you a digital version for you to enjoy while the physical copies are printed, packed, and shipped. Then you will hold this volume in your hands. You’ll see gorgeous panels like this picture of our Eddie!

I love how Orion showed only a small portion of Eddie’s face, but we can clearly see how unimpressed and wry he is. I love this panel so much! Thank you, Orion.
We are so very grateful to you, our friends, for your support. Thank you for making this joyful project a success!
If you need to update your email or physical address, please let us know. If you’re going to be moving within the next couple of months, reach out and we’ll keep your physical copy safe until you eventually land in your new home.
Thank you, our darlings! We can hardly wait!

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