Volume 1 of the Pretty Little Dead Girls Graphic Novel is Here!

Oh, my friends! The day has finally arrived! The Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Graphic Novel of Murder and Whimsy Volume 1 has arrived in Orion’s (and his Pretty Little Star Girl’s) hands! What? You’d like to see pictures? Let’s show you pictures!

I don’t know which one is prettier! I’m mad for both PLDG *and* Sweet Babe!


Orion, I hope you read this to her. It’s her very own little bedtime story. And thank you for all you do! What an amazing artist and person you are!

These little darlings (the graphic novel, not the child) will be packed and shipped out to you ASAP. If you haven’t received them by the end of the month, please email Orion at orionzangara (at) gmail.com and let us know.

Also, we will continue finishing the Pretty Little Dead Girl graphic novel, but we won’t be doing it via Kickstarter. We’ll finish it on our own, little by little, and will eventually have a completed project at somewhere around 500 pages. This way we can take our time and create something absolutely astounding. It will take years, and will be the perfect project for us. We’ll create a newsletter for those who want to follow along, and since you were the ones who supported us in the first place, you will all receive a free PDF of the completed project. We hope it brings you joy! We’ll either solicit a publisher or print the final project ourselves when it’s finished. And then I’m hoping to be buried with my copy when I die, because I think it will be the project that matters to me the most. <3

We love you! We’re so excited to show you this beautiful volume 1! Thank you for everything you’ve done, and for cheering us on. You helped make our dreams come true.

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