Miss Murder and Nemesis Take Over Columbus!

I had the most terrible airport experiences (Six delays! Stuck on the Las Vegas tarmac for two hours in triple 113 degree heat! Flight cancelations! Being bumped from flight to flight THREE TIMES!) but my time in Columbus was wonderful! I was able to spend a week with my favorite nemesis Matt Betts, and we hit the ground running. We did a book signing at The Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy along with figure painting, and it was so much fun! We also did a book signing at the Barnes and Noble at Lennox. And we went to the aquarium! And the zoo! West Virginia! The Mothman Museum! A zillion restaurants!

But again, Mothman. So much Mothman. And that tiny, zany Mothman museum was everything I could have wanted. Even the bathroom graffiti was delightful.


Thanks to Matt for the cute picture collage above! I love fun things like signings, but they’re even better with a friend. Er, Nemesis. My Favorite Nemesis. Whatever.

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