Carina Bissett Interviews Me on Gingernuts of Horror!

I love Carina Bissett. I’m mad about her work, I adore her as a person, and she teaches my favorite writing classes that I’ve ever taken. So I was extra delighted when she chose to interview me for her Women in Horror Month series at Gingernuts of Horror.

We discuss the draw of horror, what terrifies me personally, and I talk about what I hope will be my next Little Dead Red in terms of telling an important tale. I hope you drop by! You can read the interview here.

“Women know horror in a deep, intimate way that many men, thankfully, don’t. We’re usually physically smaller, we’re silenced, we don’t hold political power…and people say we don’t understand horror? We’re wired for horror. We live it every single day of our lives.” — Mercedes M. Yardley

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