The Italian Translation of Little Dead Red is Up for Preorder!

Friends! I’m delighted to share that Independent Legions, an Italian Publishing company, will be translating Little Dead Red into Italian! This is so exciting! This will be my first translation, and it’s so humbling to have my work translated into a different language and be introduced to a completely new audience. What an honor.

You might recognize this gorgeous cover from artist Marcela Bolivar as the cover from Little Dead Red and Other Stories.  What a joy to have Marcela’s beautiful cover enjoy new life! Here’s what the translated copy says about the book:

First Italian edition of the Little Red Dead novella.

A modern and dark retelling where the ancient fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood merges with a real literary panic attack. Mercedes M. Yardley delivers readers a black and absolute story, the revenge of a mother willing to do anything to bring the Wolf who mauled her daughter to justice. How far can love take you? What is the limit of pain? A hallucinatory, morbid novel, a hymn to melancholy and broken things. Cover illustration by Marcela Bolivar.

Work winner of the Bram Stoker Award.

You can preorder your copy here.

You can also order the ecopy of the English version here.

I hope you enjoy! <3

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