Little Dead Red is on Her Way to Your House!

Let’s hope sweet Little Dead Red doesn’t get lost. Tragedy tends to befall her.

I am THRILLED to tell you that my copies of the limited edition LDR and Other Stories finally made it into my hot little hands, and I couldn’t be more pleased. They’re beautiful books, nicely done, with gorgeous covers and gold foil. Each book is signed by both Dan Wells (who wrote the introduction) and myself. The pictures are nice, I hope, but they don’t do the book justice. She is so pretty!

This is the Numbered edition with the cover by Marcela Bolívar. Her art is extraordinary.

This is the Numbered edition. We see Little Dead Red in her hoodie.

We also have the Lettered copy, which has a custom slipcase and alternate book cover. It has the Numbered copy’s cover included as interior art. This thing is a beauty and I just want to lick it. In fact, it’s my copy. I can do whatever I want. *slurp*

The rare Lettered edition! I bought new mascara just for this shot!


If you would like to pick up your limited edition of Little Dead Red and Other Stories, you can order them here.   When they’re gone, they’re gone. I certainly hope you enjoy, and thank you for your extreme patience. Now dance with me!



2 Comments on “Little Dead Red is on Her Way to Your House!”

  1. Love ALL the pics in this post (and I would have had to buy new mascara, as mine is from some unknown year). Doing a happy dance on your behalf because you FINALLY have this in your hot little hands.

    Disclaimer: My happy dance is very close to my rain dance, so be cautious about unexpected flash floods.

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