WIP Wednesday: A Story Based On A Story Based On A Story

Woo, Wednesday! Time for America’s Next Top Model, homemade pizza, and WIP Wednesday.  I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday in quite some time.   Let’s check in, shall we? First off, I’m rounding the corner to Home on my current novel.  Do I know how it ends?  Of course not.  I never plan my work that far in advance.  I continue to … Read More

In Which Our Group Plays Silent Hill 2

I didn’t get home last night until 2:00.  Our writer’s group didn’t start until 9 PM, and it was amazing. I had been struggling with a personal essay for the last two months, and I finally brought the sad little thing to the Illiterati.  Within three minutes, I kid you not, they dug down and got to the heart of … Read More

WIP Wednesday. Magic Happens!

  Oh. My. Lands.  This has been a two day firestorm.  I have been shocked, angry, saddened, and finally bolstered and encouraged by the sense of community and support.  And then the biggest treat of all was hopping over to Ray Veen’s blog where he wasn’t talking about ugliness and theft, but his insane word count.  Rock on!  And then … Read More