Read “Cursed” Online!

I am so incredibly honored that my short essay, “Cursed”, was shared on the HWA Mental Health Initiative page. Why not stop and read the Mental Health Initiative Charter? Shatter the stigma, my friends. You can find this painfully honest essay here. <3    

There Is No Hope For Me.

Even when I try to be good and kick violence and evil in the face, the Universe is out to thwart me.  It’s hopeless.

A Writer Is Cursed

  I mentioned a while ago that I’ve gotten lazy.  The summer sun snuck into my bones and sapped my drive.   “I’ll write/sub/be a creative person later,” I thought.  I’m happy to report that I’m currently back on track.  WOO!  I wrote down all of my deadlines so I could see them.  I blocked out tiny chunks of time for … Read More