Easy Cheery Cinnamon Voodoo Ornaments! A Tutorial.

Christmas spirit is lacking this year. So I’ve been trying to do simple, stress-free things with the children to add joy and spice. Yesterday we made cinnamon salt dough ornaments, and it was just what the doctor prescribed! I found the original recipe here. This recipe has four ingredients and doesn’t require cooking. Easy, charming, and the cinnamon smelled so … Read More

Miss Murder’s Easy DIY: Lavender Soap

Simple. Beautiful. Charming.   It’s exceptionally quick and best of all, the kiddos can help. And it doesn’t heat up the house, which is important when it’s 110 degrees in Las Vegas. So let’s make some soap! You will need: A soap base. (I used this one,┬ábut there are plenty to choose from.) Lavender essential oil Dried lavender flowers Microwavable … Read More

Miss Murder’s Easy DIY: Glitter Your Walls

It’s been work work work all of the time lately, and not nearly enough whimsy. Time to change all of that! Hey, Angry Ginger, what are you doing on Monday? Glittering my bedroom wall with me? Awesome! I’ve been hearing wonderful things about a glitter paint from Martha Stewart, but I was attracted to the DIY aspect of white glue … Read More