Uncle Ted Makes Miss Murder-Flavored Ice Cream! Wait.

Friend and fellow horror author Ted Theewan gave me the most wonderful surprise: a recipe for a new ice cream flavor! He has his own ice-cream Youtube channel and I think you should all give it a watch. The kiddos and I picked out so many recipes to try! He came up with a very rich White Chocolate and Lemon … Read More

The Best DIY Present For An Author!

This gift is so insanely thoughtful, I can’t even tell you. My Angry Ginger made these beautiful shadow boxes for my birthday. She took her favorite passages from each book, printed them out on gorgeous paper, and put them inside a shadow box she bought at a craft store. Then she put the corresponding book cover on top with a … Read More

Miss Murder’s Easy DIY: Cannibalizing Crayons

The kiddos are out of school so often that they hardly remember what it is. For example, summer vacation starts in two weeks and they’re out today for Staff Development. Really? The three of them fought, argued, broke one of my favorite dishes, and filled the sugar canister with water before 7:30 this morning. By 8:00 AM the garbage disposal … Read More

Make Your Own Laundry Detergent. Woo Hoo!

Why?  A couple of reasons.  It’s green.  It saves money.  It smells better than the store brands.  The kids think you’re amazing because you get to use a cool food processor, and it just feels good to make something of your own. Best of all?  It’s super easy! You all know I’m strapped for time, but I made seven batches in 20 … Read More