Be My Valentine All Month Long

Holidays have this insane, commercial buildup. There’s pressure, pressure, PRESSURE and then suddenly it’s over. You’re left with dead flowers, discount chocolates, and the next holiday (or two) creeping into the stores. Stop. Just stop. This has become madness. I find myself pushing back at the hype. I want to surround myself with my family, whom I love, and let … Read More

Miss Murder’s Easy DIY: Lavender Soap

Simple. Beautiful. Charming.   It’s exceptionally quick and best of all, the kiddos can help. And it doesn’t heat up the house, which is important when it’s 110 degrees in Las Vegas. So let’s make some soap! You will need: A soap base. (I used this one,┬ábut there are plenty to choose from.) Lavender essential oil Dried lavender flowers Microwavable … Read More