Following the Nerd

It’s true, I am a nerd, but today we’re talking about the Following the Nerd Podcast. My dear friend Jay Faulkner (who once wrote an introduction describing our bromance on my “Let It Fall” guest post on his blog for Rare Disease Day) interviewed me for his radio show in Ireland. It was so much fun! If you’d like to … Read More

Two Awesome Things

1) Jay’s running my reading of “Butterflies and Battleaxes” on his blog. It’s part 2 of the Williams Syndrome post for Rare Disease Day.  You can find it here. 2) You have the incredible opportunity to win a free pass to the San Francisco Writer’s Conference next week!  Hurry and enter now.

“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features Jay Faulkner

Jay Faulkner would like to tell you a couple things about himself.  The first is that the mask in the picture was made by his awesome, 3 year old son, Mackenzie and it is definitely, most assuredly, the best mask in the whole wide world.  If anyone wants to argue that fact please refer to the seventh paragraph and the … Read More