Hey Baby, Going My Way?

To World Fantasy Con, that is.  This will be my first time at WFC and I couldn’t be more excited! Wait, scratch that.  Suddenly I am much more excited because I found out that not only am I on a panel (ohmygosh! I’m on a panel at World Fantasy!) and not only is the panel about the dark nature of faeries … Read More

The Remix. Or, With Just A Little Help From My Friends

You all know that KM Walton is pretty much my hero.  Tenacious, savvy, and extremely deserving of her success.  Most of you also know that I lost a challenge to her and so I wrote her a song.  Did you know that song has a remix? Well, it does.  Thank you, Mason.  The world would weep without you. Enjoy.

In Which Our Group Plays Silent Hill 2

I didn’t get home last night until 2:00.  Our writer’s group didn’t start until 9 PM, and it was amazing. I had been struggling with a personal essay for the last two months, and I finally brought the sad little thing to the Illiterati.  Within three minutes, I kid you not, they dug down and got to the heart of … Read More

Wombats Will Rule The Wooooooorld!

See that pair of man feet in the header?  That’s my friend Mason.  By now, if you read this rather hysterical post that he wrote, you know that he and I entered a flash fiction contest for the Las Vegas Book Festival.  We talked smack, swaggered around, and totally vowed to out-write each other.  So what happens?  We tied for … Read More

WIP Wednesday: NaNoWriMo Begins! And Holy Heck!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just stepped off the train into Crazyville. I thought, “NaNo would be the perfect time to pause in the memoir and write Stormlight.  Wouldn’t that be swell?” Well, sure it would.  Except that I can’t seem to turn off my brain. Yesterday I wrote 1800 words on Stormlight and then 1200 on the memoir.  Then … Read More

I Won! Wait, He Won! We…Won?

So a while ago I entered a timed flash fiction contest for the Las Vegas Book Festival.  I entered it with my writer’s group, and believe me, we were talking smack!  Who would beat who, yadda yadda yadda.  The friendly fur was particularly flying between Mason (@AtlasTakesAim) and I.  We were each going to place higher than each other and … Read More