A Newborn Field Mouse

I have to be honest;  It’s still difficult to be here.  I want to get back onto the writing/blogging horse. After the birth of one daughter and the death of two more, I feel like I’m a newborn field mouse, stumbling around in the meadow.  Some days I’m absolutely full of laughter.  Some days I wonder if I’ll ever stop … Read More

Burn, Baby, Burn

Wanna know what Shock Totem editor Ken Wood thought of my Demons story?  He thought it was so awesome that it set his heart aflame! Or maybe he was just angry that I named the demon Tam.  Nah, I choose the setting his heart aflame thing instead.

Demons Are Here!

I say. Cheerfully. Because there ain’t nothing like a good, demonic horde coming your way, right? I’m pleased to announce that John Skipp’s Demons: Encounters with the Devil and His Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed has finally arrived!  My story “Daisies and Demons” is nestled neatly inside.  Honestly, I’m all aflutter.  Do you want to see this amazing TOC?  … Read More

Is There Money In Writing?

Ah, what a question!  My non-writer friends ask it a lot.  To which I say:  no.  Not really.  Well, some.  Wait, what?  Define “money”.  Authors definitely make money.  I’m just not one of them. The process is like this: we sit in a room and we write.  Sometimes we write in spurts on our lunch break, sometimes we write in … Read More

K-K-K-Killercon 2011 Prologue

Well. WELL.  You know how things go crazy sometimes?  You’re stumbling up a hill and every obstacle imaginable seems to be in your way? You almost give up, but since you’re a rather determined person, you grit your teeth and clamber up that hillside on hands and knees if necessary.  You get to the top, see the view, and think, … Read More

A Box of Yo-Yos

Seriously.  A box of Yo-yos.  They came randomly in the mail, and they’re AWESOME.  Thanks, Dad!

I Interview Paul Park for the SFWA Blog.

Paul Park’s Nebula nominated novella Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance completely broke my head.  It was an intricate, surreal story with multiple layers and just very, very cool.  He was gracious enough to let me interview him, and it just went up on the SFWA blog. Come read it at http://www.sfwa.org/2011/09/nebula-awards-2010-interview-paul-park/  

Lightning Strikes In Las Vegas

We had the most amazing storm last night.  It was about 3 AM and I was up with the little Cyborg Ninja.  I heard the storm coming closer, and it made me happy.  The lightning was stunningly bright and flashed so often that I didn’t need to turn on any lights.  Wind.  Rain.  Thunder so loud that I thought I’d have little … Read More

I Interview Jennifer Pelland For The SFWA Blog. And She’s Awesome.

Jen Pelland is the kind of chick I would be if I were a little cooler.  She and I were in the first issue of Shock Totem together, and it was an absolute pleasure to interview her for the SFWA blog!  You really ought to check out her Nebula nominated story Ghosts of New York.  It was equal parts creepy, … Read More

WIP(s) Wednesday

  I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday in quite a while.  Why is that, I wonder?  Oh yeah, because I look at my WIP folder and my eyes bug out of my head.  Like this. First thing, I’m trying with the utmost valor to finish my demon novel ASAP so that my writer’s group can comb through it one more time … Read More