World Fantasy Con 2011 Podcast: The Not-So-Fair Folk

I was over the moon to be on the Not-So-Fair Folk panel at World Fantasy Con 2011.  (Look, Ma!)  The panel couldn’t have been any better. It was lively, funny, and Holly Black (M), Jenny Blackford, Patrick Rothfuss, and Delia Sherman were knowledgeable, delightful people! I want to stalk all of them forever. Thanks to the wonderful Charles Tan for recording the … Read More

A Wicked Awesome Shock Totem Contest

Hey, everybody!  Shock Totem is up to some incredible things.  I mean, some really, really cool stuff.  I was so excited about Ken’s awesome cypher that I’m just going to post this in its entirety.  Give your brain a little exercise and join the contest! It’s all going on at  Ken will take it from here. As some of … Read More

When Your Child Picks the Most Obscene Pumpkin in the Patch

Seriously.  I didn’t know what to say.  I still don’t. Still, we saved this pumpkin from the unruly frat boy who would have done horrible, horrible things to it.  I feel good about this.  And since it was my darling four-year-old who chose this particular obscenity, I merely flipped it around and called it a heart. This, dear ones, is … Read More

Shark Art!

The coolest thing happened.  Remember my short piece “Public Mourning” that was published in Robert Swartwood’s Hint Fiction anthology?  I was all atwitter about it.  I was in an anthology with Joyce Carol Oates, for crying out loud! How could things get any better? Well, they managed to, and this is SWEET.  The Columbia Art League ( ) in Missouri … Read More

Hey Baby, Going My Way?

To World Fantasy Con, that is.  This will be my first time at WFC and I couldn’t be more excited! Wait, scratch that.  Suddenly I am much more excited because I found out that not only am I on a panel (ohmygosh! I’m on a panel at World Fantasy!) and not only is the panel about the dark nature of faeries … Read More

Think Pink

Breast Cancer Awareness is a cause that is deeply personal to me.  October is, of course, Breast Cancer Awareness month, and we’re presented with so many ways to support the cause.  Wearing pink, buying special items, getting the medical checkups that we need…it’s a great time to reflect on something that is very real.  I was lucky enough to enter … Read More

Things That Make Me Go “Hmmm”

Once upon a time, in a Twitterverse far, far away, somebody asked me to write a post about slushing for Shock Totem.  More exactly, about the things that would make me stop reading a submission before I reach the ending. Jamey Stegmaier, this is for you. First off, I offer the disclaimer that this is my personal opinion, and it … Read More

A Newborn Field Mouse

I have to be honest;  It’s still difficult to be here.  I want to get back onto the writing/blogging horse. After the birth of one daughter and the death of two more, I feel like I’m a newborn field mouse, stumbling around in the meadow.  Some days I’m absolutely full of laughter.  Some days I wonder if I’ll ever stop … Read More

Burn, Baby, Burn

Wanna know what Shock Totem editor Ken Wood thought of my Demons story?  He thought it was so awesome that it set his heart aflame! Or maybe he was just angry that I named the demon Tam.  Nah, I choose the setting his heart aflame thing instead.

Demons Are Here!

I say. Cheerfully. Because there ain’t nothing like a good, demonic horde coming your way, right? I’m pleased to announce that John Skipp’s Demons: Encounters with the Devil and His Minions, Fallen Angels, and the Possessed has finally arrived!  My story “Daisies and Demons” is nestled neatly inside.  Honestly, I’m all aflutter.  Do you want to see this amazing TOC?  … Read More