Today’s Theme Song!

Today I heard the phrase “Roll With It” at least three times. And even from my horoscope, nonetheless. It’s great advice, always.

Robert Duperre Explains Himself

And why he’s so crazy. And then we have a maniacal laugh-off. I’m gonna win that one, too. You can read his take on the contest here. Has this already kicked me into high gear? Oh yes, and I’m excited. I’ll tell you one thing: never bet against me. 😉 Thanks for the challenge, Robby D! It’s just what I … Read More

The Gauntlet, My Dears, Was Thrown. (Wild Laughter)

I received the best phone call yesterday from my friend Robert Duperre. Robby D. started the phone call with wild laughter and the words, “I challenge you!” This, naturally, caught my attention. Robby D. proposes this: we’ll both finish our novels by April 1st. He has 75,000 words to rewrite and about 25,000 new words to write. I have about … Read More

Bust It Out

I had a deadline yesterday. An important one. But life has thrown me a few curve balls lately, and I haven’t been writing as I would like to. I was THISCLOSE to emailing the editor and saying, “I’m sorry, but I simply can’t make this deadline. My story isn’t finished.” I’ve never done that before. I also think it’s a … Read More

A Valentine’s Day Story About Broken Hearts

This is one of my favorite stories of all time. I refer you to “Flowers”, published by a gorgeous magazine called Blueprint Review. Please read and enjoy. May life mend your broken heart.

Tales From A Slush Bunny: Slushing With Children

It’s happened more times than I can count. The doorbell rings, I open the door, and somebody stands there with their mouth open, their gaze hovering somewhere half a foot above my head. “I’m wearing my bunny ears, aren’t I?” I ask. They nod. I shake my head, sign for the package or whatever, and leave them to wander back … Read More

Fail Spectacularly

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I’ve learned something new about myself. Something that will help me in my personal life, and something that will help me in my career. I have discovered that I’m not afraid to fail spectacularly. Oh, failure used to be my number one fear. I spent so many years not daring to write … Read More

What A Prize!

So, this rocks.  Enter Tweet the Meat’s Halloween contest, and what can you win?  A copy of Shock Totem’s debut issue, signed by the very scary Kurt Newton and the not-so-scary Yours Truly! Or I can be scary.  Whatever you wish.

And The Furor Dies

This is why spelling is important:  I originally wrote that “And the Fuhrer dies”, and that’s a completely different concept.  For those of you who are still researching/cursing/pondering/lambasting/or just generally checking out the Richard Ridyard Plagiarism controversy (or #plagiarismfail, as my friend Mason puts it), I have a bunch of links for you.  You may read on to your hearts … Read More