My Angry Ginger and the Interdimensional Wombats, Or, Pushed

So, as expected, it’s been a time of ups and downs lately.  The surviving triplet is still in NICU and is on the countdown to coming home.  (Yay!) But I’m still dealing with, and will be dealing with the fact that the other babies were lost.  While optimism is the name of the game, it’s unrealistic not to expect bad … Read More

WIP Wednesday: The Gauntlet is Thrown

  Wow, and it was thrown in  a big way.  My goal is to have my Williams Project in the hands of Mr. Agenty Man J by November first.  This gives me a concrete deadline as well as clearing my plate for my fifth NaNoWriMo, yeah?  I can totally do it.  First I have to take all of my separate … Read More


This is how it started. Once upon a time, a few of us were whining on Twitter.  “I don’t have any submissions out.  I used to sub much more than I am now, but I’m tired/worn out/don’t have anything new/too busy reading Stilettos and Shirley Temples to sub.”  (Yeah, so maybe I made that last excuse up.  So what?  It … Read More