WIP Wednesday: The Gauntlet is Thrown


Wow, and it was thrown in  a big way.  My goal is to have my Williams Project in the hands of Mr. Agenty Man J by November first.  This gives me a concrete deadline as well as clearing my plate for my fifth NaNoWriMo, yeah?  I can totally do it.  First I have to take all of my separate chapters and put them together in some sort of cohesive structure so I can give it to the Illiterati.  But I’m dragging my feet.  Wah, it’s too daunting, I’ve never written a novel length nonfic piece before, I can’t get myself over that initial hurdle, boo hoo hoo.  So what did my fantastic writer’s group do? 

They issued a challenge.

Ooh, I feel my eyes starting to glow just thinking about it!

Ryan Bridger, aka Battle Bunny, challenged me this: I will write two more chapters this week and put the book together for Illiterati meeting next Tuesday.  If I do this, he will write a theme song on the guitar or piano for any story that I have written.  I get to choose.

“Great!” says I.  “What happens if I don’t do it?”

Which won’t happen, of course.  Because a song?  Awesome! And oh yeah, I hate to lose.

“If you don’t do it,” he says, “you have to credit the book to Ryan Bridger.”

Whaaaaat?  Ryan will have credit for writing a wrenching story about mothering a child with a rare genetic disorder?  Oh no he didn’t!

When I was done laughing, we shook on it.  And today I’m going to throw myself into the project.

This is why I love my group.  They get me 100% and know how to motivate.  Plus when we’re done?  We’re all hitting the rollercoasters.  Thanks, guys! 😀

9 Comments on “WIP Wednesday: The Gauntlet is Thrown”

  1. And That’s why i love my friend Ryan Bridger. And the rest of the Illiterati.

    I can’t wait for the next meeting. Gauntlet, thrown. Response: FIGHT (with words on paper, that narrate a story, with dialogue, and stuff)

    We’ll print’er up and let the readthrough commence!

  2. Mason, you guys are absolute gold to me.

    Thank you, Lynn! I really hope it’ll turn out well and be useful. 🙂

    Simon, they’re fantastic. You guys would all hoist a beer in mutual adoration.

  3. Your group sounds awesome! And you can totally get it done in three weeks, no problem. Good luck!

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