Anti-Pneumonia Back Whack!

    Hi everybody! Itty Bit is out of ICU. I’m giving her a nebulizer treatment, steroid treatment, and antibiotics, followed by that lovely Anti-Pneumonia Back Whack that everybody so adores. She’s recovering beautifully. My oldest is sick, now, but that’s how it goes, yes? Thank you for your good wishes! I am sorry, though, because I had these. And … Read More

Hello From the IMC Unit!

We’ve been hit by a plague that took us down one by one. I spent two days in bed, physically unable to get out. The kiddos dropped like flies. So did my husband. We were attacked by Pestilence Pony. Littlest is currently in the IMC unit at our hospital with pneumonia. They’re having difficulty stabilizing her oxygen levels and her … Read More