Hello From the IMC Unit!

We’ve been hit by a plague that took us down one by one. I spent two days in bed, physically unable to get out. The kiddos dropped like flies. So did my husband. We were attacked by Pestilence Pony.

Littlest is currently in the IMC unit at our hospital with pneumonia. They’re having difficulty stabilizing her oxygen levels and her heart rate. When the Yardleys do something, we do it BIG. Yay, overachievers!

We’re hoping for a release in two or three days. She’s still playing. Sitting on my lap and being snuggled. It’s a little scary but we’re in high spirits.



I’ll admit that it was difficult at first. I hate hospitals. I walked into the room and my first thought was, “I spent so much time in here with Niko.” The treatments. The tubes. The nebulizers. My next thought was,  “The last time I was in a place like this, we lost the girls.” There was a wash of emotion that I battled for about an hour. Then things were all right. They usually end up all right. 🙂

My husband threw together a hospital bag for Lil and I. He’s gotten really good at it over the years. I was delighted to find that this bag had my blanket in it, my Jack Skellington plushie, some Coke Zero, and chocolate covered pretzels. Oh, and my ukelele. Can’t forget that!


My friend ran over three days of dinner to my family, then came and sat with me for hours. She brought flowers and a Hello Kitty doll for Lil. Things are scary. But people can make it so much better. So thanks, everybody. Soon we’ll be out and all will be well.

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  1. You’re incredibly strong, M! I know how much you’ve been through. Wish I could be there to help too, but mostly just because I want to play your ukulele! Prayers for your little one, bud! *Hugs*

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