It's a Write-Off!

In this corner, we have Miss Murder. Three kids, a laptop, and deadlines cracking a whip above her. In this corner, we have Robert J Duperre, the fastest writer I have come to know. Who will win? The Terms: First one to write 90,000 words wins. It can on any project. No time limit, just word count. The Winner Gets: … Read More

The Gate 2: 13 Tales of Isolation and Despair

  Doesn’t that title alone make you want to pick it up?  What if I told you that one of the dark tales was mine?  What if I also told you that writing it inspired this post on writing the darkness?  It was a strange new world for me, but I love how “Black Mary” turned out.  Robby D. turns out … Read More

Ho Ho Ho: Horror and Holidays

Shock Totem has gone digital.  You can now buy every dark, sexy issue in a digital format.  Hooray, yahoo! But even better, you can pick up a copy of Shock Totem: Holiday Tales of the Macabre and Twisted for 99 cents.  Take a look at this beauty.  Isn’t this a stunning cover? This special holiday issue of Shock Totem features … Read More

No Bongos Here, Baby!

At least, not yet.  Some of you will remember that super cutie Robert J. Duperre called me up one day and said, “I challenge you!” If you don’t remember, check his wild-n-crazy challenge out here.  The deadline was April 1st.  And?  Well?  Where are the bongos?  The bad dancing? The crystals pasted to my forehead, or even better, his? Sometimes … Read More

Robert Duperre Explains Himself

And why he’s so crazy. And then we have a maniacal laugh-off. I’m gonna win that one, too. You can read his take on the contest here. Has this already kicked me into high gear? Oh yes, and I’m excited. I’ll tell you one thing: never bet against me. 😉 Thanks for the challenge, Robby D! It’s just what I … Read More