Pimp A Friend Friday: Anthony Rapino

Written by Anthony Rapino and published by Precipice Books, the Greetings from Moon Hill short story collection is a beauty. It’s gorgeous.  This is my hardcover copy with special slipcase cover. There are two hardcovers left, but unfortunately the slipcovers are sold out. I swiped the last one. 🙂    

Z-Dubbz Reviews Beautiful Sorrows

Z-Dubbz from The  Mouths of Madness wrote up a thrilling review for Beautiful Sorrows. It really gives me so much joy. Please read it here if you have a chance. 🙂

Beautiful Sorrows Is 99 Cents! Until Wednesday Only!

Things You Can Do With a Dollar 1. Leave a tip that will earn you a dirty look from your server. 2. Buy an ugly pair of gold(ish) earrings at the Dollar Store. 3. Eat it and weep. 4. Look at the fast food dollar menu and fume because nothing is a buck after tax. 5. Buy your copy of … Read More

First Stop on the BEAUTIFUL SORROWS Blog Tour! Harley May!

One of the best, most dear, most talented and witty people that I’ve come across is my friend Harley May.  You can’t get more delightful than her.  Harley agreed to be the first stop on the Beautiful Sorrows blog tour, and I’m just so pleased that she took the time to write about our delicious craziness, which really does go … Read More


Oh, I can’t believe it! Beautiful Sorrows is available for pre-order! You can also pre-order the Limited Edition Hardcopy with my exclusive chapbook, Star-Eaten Soul.  We’re only making 50, and I’m delighted to say that they seem to be going rather fast.  If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, you can order here. Thank so much for … Read More

Mama Always Said To Dream Big

Today is a day of great things. I’m slowly kicking the cold that was kicking me.  The banner came for Beautiful Sorrows, so I’ll be able to take it with me to book signings.  Killercon starts in a week (wahoo!). My darling Angry Ginger came by and chatted for a while. And I just learned that I was mentioned in … Read More

Is This…Happiness?

  Oh, my darlings. My dear ones.  I have been far busier than I have ever been. Last night I laid everything out for my writing group, whose eyes grew wider and wider and I continued without taking a breath. “And I’m almost caught up on anthologies, but of course I still have the main novel and the book launch … Read More

Announcing My First Book: Beautiful Sorrows

Oh, my friends! My loves! The day that I was waiting for is finally here! I’m absolutely delighted to announce that my first book, a short story collection titled Beautiful Sorrows, will be out next month!  If only you knew how excited I am.  Maybe you could think back to your first book, or dream ahead to it, and then … Read More

SHOES HAIR NAILS by Deborah Batterman

SHOES HAIR NAILS by Deborah Batterman is an evocative short story collection laced with truth and a touch of sorrow.  Batterman’s book is an intricately woven work of stunning depth.  It’s full of diverse characters with universal challenges, and the “it is what it is” way that they accept their realities is honest and true to life.  I found myself … Read More