Announcing My First Book: Beautiful Sorrows

Oh, my friends! My loves! The day that I was waiting for is finally here! I’m absolutely delighted to announce that my first book, a short story collection titled Beautiful Sorrows, will be out next month!  If only you knew how excited I am.  Maybe you could think back to your first book, or dream ahead to it, and then you’d know.  I can’t stop smiling.

Shock Totem Publications is putting it out, and I’m astounded at how much work and care they’ve put into this.  It’s humbling.

Please read the official announcement here!  You can pre-order the paperback here. And check out the beautiful cover art. I think it’s perfect.  Have a great day!

16 Comments on “Announcing My First Book: Beautiful Sorrows”

  1. Huzzah! Mercedes, I seriously can’t wait to hold one of these in my hands! (Kindle’s are fine and all… but I need a real paper and pressboard book in my hands)
    All your hard work… and this is just the tip of the ole iceburg!

    Illiterati World Domination forevah!

  2. What fantastic news! I got the chills looking at your name in print on that beautiful cover and thinking of all of you that has gone into this. Congratulations.

  3. Mercedes, Mercedes! Now that I have had that quiet moment come about, I took part of it to read all about my dear friend and her great achievements. The cover is geogeous. I am sure the reading is captivating and delightful! I told you a long time ago your greatness would prevail! I love it when I ‘m Right!

  4. Catching up (after vacation) is hard to do ;-). Cannot wait to read it . . . btw, I hope you won’t mind my tagging you in a post that will be uplater today. Even if you’re too busy to respond by continuing the thread, I love bringing attention to you and your blog.

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