September 2020’s Reads

I told you about my super special awesome bookclub (The Book Democracy Book Club)where we are given a bingo card and random reading prompts. You read the book and a mod gives it a look over before checking off your box. It gives me something to look forward to every month, and helps me prioritize my massive TBR (To Be … Read More

I Crossed Something Off My Bucket List. And Backlash.

I wear a bracelet that says “Be Brave.” My New Year’s Resolution has often been “Do things that scare me.” I’ve wanted to shave my head since I was about 15, but never had the courage. A few months ago I lost the black bangs and tried a blonde Mohawk, and it was a wonderful experience. This summer I made … Read More

Hello, Everyone! I’m Hiding!

How can I be hiding if I announce it cheerfully, you ask? It’s sort of like a kitschy rhinestone flamingo hiding in its natural habitat. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the best link that I found all day. I’m taking a month-long hiatus from Facebook and Twitter, which is really hard, actually. Because a lot of things … Read More

The More You Know Me, The More You Have to Hate

So this has been on my mind lately.  I’m not super old but times have changed since I was a kid.  The Internet rocks my world.  It’s so awesome!  Thanks to it, I can email people in different countries, I’m hooking up with old friends on Facebook, and anime is now pretty much mainstream.  Thank goodness I can come out … Read More