Christmas Gifts for Children with Special Needs

This is a toughie. It can be downright hard, because there are so many emotions tied up with the holidays. We have expectations. Christmas is supposed to be a time where we express our love and gifts are a way we do that. What if the child, who has special needs, doesn’t like their gift? What if they don’t play … Read More

Writing When You Don't Wanna

We all have those days when we’re charged with creative energy.  We’re atomic bombs of energy, split nuclear atoms of joy!  These are the days that we call off dinner with friends because we’re writing. We stay up in the middle of the night. We blow through three chapters, call ourselves geniuses, and then drop into bed. Then there are … Read More

Writing With Stolen Moments

I wrote a blog post for the SFWA about writing with stolen time. Won’t you please stop by and read it? It’s for all of us, but especially those of us who don’t have hours to spend at a keyboard. I hope it’s helpful!  You can read the post HERE.


I read something that saved me. Now maybe it’s because I’m An Independent Woman, and An Independant Woman thinks that we can do it all.  We take care of the house, the paperwork, the car, the children, clip coupons, volunteer, read fine (and not so fine) literature, and, of course, have a career. While keeping in shape, cooking healthy, frugal meals … Read More