I Crossed Something Off My Bucket List. And Backlash.

I wear a bracelet that says “Be Brave.” My New Year’s Resolution has often been “Do things that scare me.” I’ve wanted to shave my head since I was about 15, but never had the courage. A few months ago I lost the black bangs and tried a blonde Mohawk, and it was a wonderful experience. This summer I made … Read More

Troll or Derby: An Interview with Red Tash

So once upon a time I was roaming the Twitterverse and I ran into this delightfully strange woman named Red Tash.  She seemed like somebody I’d like.  Now I know that not only is she insanely awesome and cooler than I’ll ever be, but she’s talented to boot.  She’s launching her extremely enjoyable book titled Troll or Derby ( which … Read More