Dark Discoveries Issue 34!

Dark Discoveries is putting out its special Vampyre issue. I’m delighted to be included with a lovely little tale titled “Night’s Ivy.” ¬†Look at the names on this cover! Eeeee! It thrills me to be part of it. “Night’s Ivy” is a vampyric tale of a different sort. Perhaps you’re quite familiar with that type of soul-sucker yourself. You can … Read More

Miss Murder's DIY: Easy Halloween Monster Craft Tutorial

I should really call this Angry Ginger’s Easy DIY because she’s the one that made these lovely things. They’re so charming! You will need: wine glasses (she purchased hers at a dollar store) spray paint black felt a hot glue gun a permanent marker scissors bandages and googly eyes for the mummy bolts for Frankenstein jewels for the witch and … Read More

My Bloody Valentine

I’m not organized by nature. In fact, I’m quite the opposite. I never really owned a day planner, but this year I decided that I needed to Get Organized. I was tired of deadlines rushing past without warning. I was done waking up with that heart-in-the-throat, oh-my-gosh-do-I-have-something-important-today?! feeling. So I went to the store and bought my first day planner. … Read More