Miss Murder's DIY: Easy Halloween Monster Craft Tutorial

I should really call this Angry Ginger’s Easy DIY because she’s the one that made these lovely things. They’re so charming!
You will need:
wine glasses (she purchased hers at a dollar store)
spray paint
black felt
a hot glue gun
a permanent marker
bandages and googly eyes for the mummy
bolts for Frankenstein
jewels for the witch and vampire
Step 1: Spray paint the stems of the glasses and let them dry.
Step 2: Spray paint the rest of the glass and let dry.
Step 3: Use scissors to cut out felt for hair, vampire widow’s peak, etc.
image2Step 5: Draw the faces on with marker
image4Step 6: Glue on jewels to vampire’s tux and witches hat, or bandages and googly eyes onto the mummy.
That’s it. Six steps. They’re charming, simple decorations that make great gifts. Enjoy!

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