Writing When You Don't Wanna

We all have those days when we’re charged with creative energy.  We’re atomic bombs of energy, split nuclear atoms of joy!  These are the days that we call off dinner with friends because we’re writing. We stay up in the middle of the night. We blow through three chapters, call ourselves geniuses, and then drop into bed. Then there are … Read More

Welcome Back, Me

So something happened to me last month: I lost my mojo.  I couldn’t write. I couldn’t edit.  I second guessed everything that I did.  I was convinced that I just had to work harder, because isn’t that the way that you get through life?  Just work harder? Study more, put in more hours, get up earlier, stay up later, whatever.  Just … Read More

Take A Hammer To That Writer’s Block

Man, I have been suffering.  Suffering!  I can’t concentrate; I can’t focus.  I can’t write a darn thing.  I had a beautiful first line to a story and then…nada. Too much pressure, perhaps?  High expectations?  I’m not sure, but it’s a miserable thing.  Generally I give myself a little break and the world opens up for me again.  But this … Read More

Chaos! Delightful, Delightful Chaos!

Last night’s writing date was very successful…for every participant but me.  Why?  Because I had written myself into a wall.  The very same wall in the very same story that I wrote myself into last time!  I was going along quite happily, when WHAM!  Wall!  So I ditched the story for six months, pulled it out, viciously ripped the last … Read More