Clarion West: I Just Met You, and This is Crazy

But I’m a writer. Sponsor me, maybe? So one of my goals is to eventually make it into the Clarion West workshop.  I have never applied. It seemed like a dream too far to realize. But I’m applying for next summer, and I’ll keep applying until I either make it in or I drop dead. Whichever comes first. But I … Read More

Shock Totem Has A New Blog. And It’s Awesome.

Seriously, I love this cover so much that I want it for wall art in my home.  Would my sweet husband agree? Probably not so much.  Perhaps I’ll hang it over my writing desk. Anyway! Shock Totem has  a new blog to go with our shiny new website.   The blog is constantly updated with new information.  Book, music, and movie reviews, contests, … Read More