Shock Totem Has A New Blog. And It’s Awesome.

Seriously, I love this cover so much that I want it for wall art in my home.  Would my sweet husband agree? Probably not so much.  Perhaps I’ll hang it over my writing desk.

Anyway! Shock Totem has  a new blog to go with our shiny new website.   The blog is constantly updated with new information.  Book, music, and movie reviews, contests, strange miscellaneous information that struck our fancy…you name it, we have it.  Not only does the staff contribute, but we’ve pulled in a few extra contributors as well.  I’m pretty excited about it, actually.  Stop by and see us if you have the desire.  Also, don’t forget to check out the forums!  We have a contest every two months that will result in publication for the yearly winner, a critique forum, and just a cool group of supportive, wacky people who like to hang out and shoot the breeze.  I’m there all of the time, so you’re always welcome to come see me.  Give me something fun to moderate.  😉

How many of you play on forums? Have you found that it helped you or hindered you in your career goals?  Would you mind sharing why or why not?

3 Comments on “Shock Totem Has A New Blog. And It’s Awesome.”

  1. I historically haven’t played on forums. But ST’s flash fiction forum’s been rather fun.

    I do so love talking smack. I believe I’m quite good at it, too.


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