The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Go Head To Head

See this pretty girl?  Her name is Harley, but we call her War.  I’m going to kick her butt, and then she’s going to wear stripper shoes and sing Rent’s “Out Tonight.”  I’ll post it here on my blog.  You’re welcome. Follow her on Twitter.  She says delightfully salacious things and we snicker a lot. I absolutely adore this beauty.

See this pretty boy?  His name is Don, but we call him Famine.  He is going to sing “Everything’s Alright” from Jesus Christ Superstar, complete with Jazz Hands.  He, too, will posted on my blog.  Follow him on Twitter. He’s friendly but he’ll also smack you with a wooden sword as soon as look at you.

See this other pretty boy? His name is Jason, but we call him Pestilence.  I’m going to kick his butt and he’ll sing…oh, I don’t know.  Something from the Magnetic Fields, and I’ll post it on my blog. Follow him on Twitter. He says the most calmly beautiful things. Sometimes his words make my heart hurt in a good way.

I am Mercedes, but they call me Death.  And I instigated another challenge.  (Yeah, yeah, I still need to sing a song about how awesome K.M. Walton is. This month, hopefully!) But that has nothing to do with this particular challenge. Which I shall win!  Go Team Mercedes!! Woo!

The challenge? We’ll each be writing a story based on the theme “The first contact of two species with a mutual attraction betwixt them.” The theme was dreamed up by Boudreau Freret, a delightful member of the Twitterverse who volunteered to help us.  We’ll write our stories and on February 1st, we’ll send them out to SFWA approved markets. The first one published is declared the winner, and the other three horsemen have to video their musical numbers, which will then run on the winner’s blog.  Sweet sweet sweet, I tell you. 

I certainly hope that I’m not one of the singers.

You know what would be extra sweet?  If my story has a horror slant and pushes me closer to the HWA challenge.  Ho, ho, Matt Betts, I still have my eye on you! 

Anybody interested in a future challenge, hmm?  😉

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26 Comments on “The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Go Head To Head”

  1. Oh my… Someone went ahead and had that extra cup of something this morning! No longer content to go one-on-one, you’re fighting three at a time now? Wow!

    Good luck! I’m behind you all the way! (Matt giggles as he runs over to the other sites to cheer on the competition!)

  2. How did you pull the coolest Horseman? ‘Cause it’s your blog and you’ll be Death if you want to? That works, I guess.

    And YES! If you don’t include me in future challenges, so help me, I’ll hunt you down and break the knees of your pale horse. Or something. Or perhaps I’ll just be a little miffed. Either way.

    Awesome idea, BTW. Just evil. In a good way. (Is that possible?)

  3. Sounds like a theme for a romance. Wait. Do you even write romance? :p

    Hm. I’m not sure I like the theme, but good luck with that. And I definitely don’t like the sound of what the losing parties have to do.

    Talk to you soon.

  4. Any challenge to get me through revisions faster? Haha! I’m dying over here! Hey, death, it must be your fault! 😛

  5. Matt-You’re a bad man, and bad men don’t succeed in winning challenges against kind young ladies. Just sayin’. 😉

    Simon-I lucked out! I didn’t even name myself. I suppose I was just being threatening (as usual) but Death rocks. I have the most adorable skully hair ribbons.

    You’re on for the next challenge. Really wanna cross swords with me? What happens when two Scots fight?

    Uninvoked-Excellent! High stakes, with only one winner and THREE humiliated losers!

    Cate-You want to cheer for me. Trust me. The old vocal chords aren’t what they used to be.

    Shad-We’d better hope that I win, then, no doubt.

    Nisa-I am not the Death that you’re looking for.


    Boudreau-I’m feisty. And you’d better watch out for Natalie, because her mental images will break your brain. I’m not kidding.

  6. War will enjoy watching you eat your words. She will smile down on you while gloating. War doesn’t enjoy watching pretty girls in high heels suffer, but she’s willing to make an exception for you.

  7. When two Scots fight? Usually there’s beer and kilts involved. Possibly claymore swords, too. But definitely beer.

    (Maybe that’s just me, though…)

  8. When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “Jazz hands! More jazz hands!!”

  9. This shall be very amusing. One day I too shall partake of a challenge within these walls, but not yet, my friend – way too much to do during the first couple of months of 2010 – but one day…

    For now I will lend my support to one of the lads if for no other reason than seeing two beautiful ladies singing on youtube would be a nice way to start the day. As for the vocals…I can always turn the sound down and just watch ;c)

  10. Simon-Kilts and Claymores could be a lot of fun. I’ll look forward to it.

    Don-I totally believe that happened!!

    BT-Ooh, you have incurred the wrath of both War and Death! But then you said that we’re pretty, and that makes us happy, but we’re still mad that you want us to lose, and now I’m just kind of confused. So thank you…you still die. 😉

    Harley-You tell him, sista!

    K.M. Walton-I am just super untalented in the songwriting department. And you are ever so gracious, but I always pay my debts. Your song will just have to have a lot of clapping. 😉

  11. Actually, when I think about it… I might want to hear the singing video.

    Also; you can’t be that bad at songwriting. It’s just more precise and repetitive poetry!

  12. Sorry, ladies, but a man must be true to oneself and to the bro’s.

    I can’t help but look for an excuse to see beauty in action and wishing embarrassment on another of my gender is just not right.

    What I may be wishing privately is probably a lot different to what I want publically, but I need to keep up some sort of appearance…

  13. Crap… that reminds me. I still owe you a song Mercedes.
    I’ll record it right after I’m done with the new album.
    promise. don’t trample me with your heels of doom.

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