It's a Write-Off!

In this corner, we have Miss Murder. Three kids, a laptop, and deadlines cracking a whip above her. In this corner, we have Robert J Duperre, the fastest writer I have come to know. Who will win? The Terms: First one to write 90,000 words wins. It can on any project. No time limit, just word count. The Winner Gets: … Read More

The Gauntlet, My Dears, Was Thrown. (Wild Laughter)

I received the best phone call yesterday from my friend Robert Duperre. Robby D. started the phone call with wild laughter and the words, “I challenge you!” This, naturally, caught my attention. Robby D. proposes this: we’ll both finish our novels by April 1st. He has 75,000 words to rewrite and about 25,000 new words to write. I have about … Read More

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Go Head To Head

See this pretty girl?  Her name is Harley, but we call her War.  I’m going to kick her butt, and then she’s going to wear stripper shoes and sing Rent’s “Out Tonight.”  I’ll post it here on my blog.  You’re welcome. Follow her on Twitter.  She says delightfully salacious things and we snicker a lot. I absolutely adore this beauty. See … Read More