Adding A Happy Chapter

I took a week off of the Williams project because I needed to.  I needed to dance around and fill my mind with butterflies and glitter again instead of hypodermic needles and the smell of antiseptic.  But we just spent two days testing with some of the leading authorities of Williams Syndrome, and my son exceeded all of our expectations.  Even more importantly, I spent two days in a room full of happy, joyful, very different children who all have Williams.  It was an amazing, amazing experience.  And I’m ready to dive back in and write a happy chapter.

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8 Comments on “Adding A Happy Chapter”

  1. Lovely news, good lady! Congratulations and toasts are in order.

    Pity, though… it means I won’t be beating you in the #NovelChallenge again anytime soon. *sigh*

  2. Wonderful News girl!

    A happy chapter is goodness, and taking time off to rest is always pertinent.

    Good luck on the rest of the book, and take care!

    Happy writing.

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