Get James Newman’s THE WICKED For Free! Today and Tomorrow Only.

Attention Kindle owners: For today and tomorrow only, we are giving away The Wicked, by James Newman, for free on!

Newman is considered by many to be one of the unsung greats of the horror genre. We agree, and the reviews for The Wicked, his ode to 1980s small-town horror novels, reflect this as well.

And now you can see what all the hype is about!

[ click for full image ]To download, click here.

As previously noted, The Wicked has been revised by the author, expanded with a new foreword by Mark Allan Gunnells, a new afterword by the author, and brilliant new artwork and illustrations by Jesse David Young (with additional cover layout by Yannick Bouchard). Also included is a brand new, exclusive tie-in short story written specifically for this release.

So what are you waiting for? Please download this great novel and help us spread the word by sharing the link!

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