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Strong Like Butterfly brings the best of the popular website Girl Body Pride to the pages of your e-reader in a collection of strong and inspiring essays from women celebrating the You that You Are Right Now. While the word “Body” might be interpreted only as that which never seems to be the right size, shape, or weight, it is so much more than the visual. Each writer in this anthology bares her soul and drops the judgement because they discovered the lightness of spirit that comes with sharing our truth.

The collection includes best selling Hayhouse author Lissa Rankin of Owning Pink, Therese Walsh, author of The Last Will of Moira Leahy, and Beautiful Sorrows author Mercedes M. Yardley.

Strong Like Butterfly also features the talents of Leslie Marinelli, Jessi Sanfillippo, Carol Cain, Jeanne V. Bowerman, Abigail Green, Leslie Marinelli, Sue O’Lear, Elan “Schmutzie” Morgan, Kim Tracy Prince, Heather Palmquist, Shoshana Rachel, and Alexandra Rosas.

Pauline Campos, Girl Body Pride founder, worked for The Detroit News and freelanced for the Metro-Detroit based Metro Parent Magazine before taking an after baby break. Now, she blogs for Funny Not Slutty, Owning Pink, and is a regular contributor at 30 Second Mom while maintaining her own blog, Aspiring Mama. Girl Body Pride is her answer to every woman’s lifetime of self-doubt and body image issues.

Strong Like Butterfly is currently available on Smashwords and will soon be available on Amazon.
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Strong Like Butterfly bracelet

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