Me! On the radio! Tonight!

Gardner Goldsmith is gracious enough to have me on his show tonight. Even after talking to me before, and knowing what a dork I am when he gets me on the phone. We’ll be talking a bit about Beautiful Sorrows and I’ll do a brief reading from it. Why don’t you join me? He’s calling in at about 10:30 EST.

Know this: I’ll be pacing the room like crazy while talking. It’s just the way it works. I’d love it if you could drop by and listen! Here’s the audio stream.


Wish me luck! I’m so nervous!

2 Comments on “Me! On the radio! Tonight!”

  1. I’m drunk by now but will force myself to stay awake so I can listen in! Beautiful Sorrows was, well, beautiful, and sorrowful, and brilliant. You’re amazing, M!

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